"Executive Alliance fosters superior employer/employee relationships. I highly recommend their services."

"The recruiters at Executive Alliance are highly experienced professionals with great integrity and character."

"Executive Alliance uniquely combines an experienced, professional approach with a nimble 'can-do' attitude."

"The recruiters at Executive Alliance are the most professional, knowledgeable and effective recruiters I have had the pleasure of working with."

"A basic industry rule is "Don't plan your future, plan your people." The recruiters at Executive Alliance are excellent people strategists."

"The ads we ran were fruitless. Thank you again for a great job."

At Executive Alliance, our recruitment process addresses our clients' need to employ the best talent in their respective fields. Our reputation and relationships throughout the industry are the difference between hiring who's available and who's exceptional.

Executive Alliance is committed to providing superior recruiting and staffing abilities to the collection, call center, healthcare, revenue cycle, accounting, finance, legal, IT, manufacturing, aerospace, engineering, construction, sales and hospitality industries.

As of February 1, 2020, the Florida office and the New York office of Executive Alliance operate as two separate entities. The New York office continues to operate as "Executive Alliance" and the Florida office operates as "Allied Dynamic Search."