Could Glassdoor Be Hurting Your Recruiting Efforts?

Several popular websites have made a name for themselves over the past decade as trusted resources that can help employees review companies and share vital information about salary and workplace culture. One of the most well trafficked review sites,, has become a steady presence in the job search landscape, and many candidates would never consider accepting a job offer – or even an interview — without a quick scan of Glassdoor for potential warnings and red flags.

This is great for companies that can boast an endless list of relentlessly positive reviews. If your current and former employees are happy with their experience, their passionate testimonials can give your recruiting program a positive shot in the arm. But if negative reviews start showing up on this well-known and universally accessible site, what should you do? Here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Don’t Panic

One negative review won’t permanently sink your chances of landing top candidates, and there’s no need to rush in quickly and try to make the review disappear or counter its claims, point by point, to the possibly bewildered candidate sitting in the interview chair across from you. Like an experienced restauranteur who sees a negative review (or two) on Yelp, stay steady and take a measured, cool-headed approach. Don’t get defensive, angry, or tense. Every employee has a right to express his or her truth.

If the Review Is Fair, Reflect

A fair review can be considered an opportunity for learning and growth. Is your company culture hostile, as the review might indicate? If so, don’t push back; instead, look inward and ask what you might do to fix your culture. Are your salary offers low? Consider the impact this may have on your position in the marketplace.

Be Ready to Speak About the Issue

Just as you may grill your interviewee over a low GPA or a large resume gap, the interviewee may grill you over a consistent pattern of disgruntled former employees on Glassdoor. Have an answer ready. Don’t be caught off guard by these charges and answer them honestly.

Flood the Airwaves

Encourage your current employees to go to Glassdoor and add some positive reviews to counter what may feel like a negative trend. Encourage them to be truthful, and encourage them to discuss what they like most about working here. Make sure those who review the site can hear both sides of the story.

Work With the Top Executive Recruiters

Make sure your potential candidates can get a balanced and unbiased understanding of the employee experience within your walls. Stay vigilant, check the site on a regular basis, and consider a negative review as a form of harsh but potentially helpful feedback. For more, contact the recruiting team at Executive Alliance. 

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