Change is Good, But Too Much Change is Bad: What’s the Right Balance for Your Career?

If you’re a naturally restless person, you probably don’t like doing the same thing every day for more than a year or so. And if you thrive on predictability, you probably hope to keep your current job until the day you retire – unless something unexpected happens.

But if you’re like most of us, you don’t fit perfectly into either of these categories. Instead, your desire for change varies based on your circumstances, your mood, and the alternative options available to you. You like change sometimes, but on your own terms. And you like predictability, but only to a point.

When it comes to changing jobs, don’t be driven out the door by boredom and don’t be held back by fear. Leverage the best of both. Here are a few tips that can help you walk the line between the two.

Conduct regular check-ins.

Ask yourself regularly if your job is working for you, which may mean once a year or five times a day. Every time you ask, remember: You’ll need to explain your decision to stay or leave to a future interviewer someday. You’ll need to reassure them you didn’t stagnate and you didn’t flee simply because you lacked discipline or commitment.

Recognize that things change.

You may have loved this job when you first started working here. But if you don’t feel that love anymore, there’s no need to lie to yourself. Accept that your passion is gone, then either work to get it back or let the job go and move on. Don’t hide from the truth. Face it, deal with it, make a decision and follow through. You owe it to yourself to fight for your own happiness.

Learn from each experience.

How can you tell if, at heart, you really are a Steady Freddy or a Restless Rita? You may want to believe you stay the course, but honestly that just isn’t accurate. Or you may want to think of yourself as a wild spirit, but the truth is, you love a steady paycheck and quiet routines. Get to the truth by looking at the past. Which jobs made you happiest? On your last day of each job, were you sad to leave or excited?

Do you want growth or stability?

Growth can bring certain rewards, like a bigger salary and greater responsibility. But growing and learning new things can also be difficult and upsetting. By nature, it’s hard—and painful—to shed your old shell and grow a new one. It can also be scary and uncertain to leave a boring steady job for new horizons. But if you truly want what lies on the other side of change, the only way to get there is to rise from your chair and go forward despite the obstacles in your path.

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