How Effective Design Ties to Business Success

Your company has no fear of technology, and that’s certainly commendable. You embrace digital solutions and you apply them whenever possible to overcome obstacles and improve communication. On the one hand, you should feel proud; after all, technology isn’t going anywhere, and you can’t compete if you can’t keep up. But on the other hand, where are the productivity improvements that were supposed to appear along with this fearless approach to the future?

If you’re like most business owners and managers, you probably thought more technological solutions, and then more, would help your teams work harder and get more accomplished. You’d produce more product, reach more clients and make those clients happier than ever before. Shareholders would see growth, revenues would swell and you’d be riding high. But that hasn’t happened. So why not?

Find a Productive System

The answer may lie in one word: process. Studies show that doing more in a shorter period of time doesn’t always translate into getting more done. How we do things can contribute more to the end results than how much we do. In other words, it may be time to put the brakes on a frantic but inefficient expenditure of energy, and turn our attention toward improving workflows, training protocols, retention and team interactions.

Imagine your workplace as a factory. For years, we’ve been adding technological solutions that help our “assembly line” employees move faster and process more widgets. We push them harder, introduce new incentives and place better tools in their hands. But what if we put the brakes on that approach and tried reorganizing the machines and moving them around, eliminating repetitive actions, reducing wasted material and drawing less energy?

And what if we made sure our employees were not just putting in countless hours, but were instead gaining access to all the sleep, healthy food and social interaction they need to stay happy and motivated? They may work fewer hours, but with a simple redesign that transforms how they spend the day, they’re likely to produce twice as much in half the time.

Put Your Employees in an Optimal Position

The same can be said of any process, system or workflow that has a measurable and meaningful impact on productivity. Cramming more technological “solutions” into the hands of employees may not be quite enough. Instead, it may be time to back up and change the workspace around them, or the industry environment, or even the fundamental business model of the company. Design improvements always start with a reshaping and reimagining of what we see.

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