Experiencing Burnout? This May Be a Great Time to Enter the Job Market

A down day on the job doesn’t always warrant a major change or a new job altogether. In fact, some people actually feel a stronger connection with their employers and a greater sense of satisfaction after they’ve weathered a few relationship challenges and emerged on the other side. But there’s a difference between riding out the ups and downs and reaching the end of the road.

Is it a bad day, or burnout? If your job is not providing what you expected personally or professionally, it may be time to seek out a new opportunity. Here’s how to tell and what to do.

Are you invested in company outcomes?

You’re facing a task. If you get it right, customers will make a significant investment in the company. If you get it wrong, customers will jump ship and sign on with your company’s biggest competitors. The matter isn’t one of life and death, but the company will make money or lose money based on what you do next. The question is: Do you still care about the long-term bottom line for your team? If you do, weather the storm. Things will look better tomorrow. If you truly don’t, it’s time to look for work elsewhere.

Are you focused on what’s important now?

It’s natural for your mind to wander to other thoughts during the work day: dinner for tonight, making plans for the weekend. But soon you come right back to the present, ready to tackle the task at hand. That means you’re not burned out. On the other hand, if your mind isn’t primarily set on your work and you struggle to find your focus and drive, it’s time for a new job. Start searching for that company; they want to find you as badly as you want to find them.

How is your health?

One rough day might make you feel a little down, but it won’t actually impact your health. A demanding job might cause you to miss the gym now and then, but it shouldn’t delete exercise from your life altogether. Many jobs require an all-nighter once in five years, but if you’re spending frequent nights at the office, never exercising, relying on vending machines for meals, or experiencing problems with headaches, high blood pressure, slow-healing wounds or constant colds, that’s a flashing red light. It’s time for a change.

If you’ve gained all you can from your current employer and you’re ready for a new job, take action. It’s a challenging transition, but nobody will do it for you; you’ll need to take the reins. Start by contacting the recruitment management experts at Executive Alliance.


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