Tips for Using LinkedIn to Showcase Your Industry Expertise

Known as a go-to social media network for professionals, LinkedIn can help you stay connected to co-workers and contacts as your career moves you into one company and out of another. It can also help you stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments in your industry, the advancements of your colleagues and the professional opportunities available in your area.

LinkedIn also serves another valuable purpose: it can help you show off your industry expertise to employers, conference planners, publishers or anyone else who might be looking for an expert in your field. Whether you’re interested in getting noticed for a new job or share your experience in a field to build connections and leads, LinkedIn has become a powerful resource to build professional community and share your message.

Once you’ve set up your LinkedIn profile, here’s how you can make the most of your social presence.

Share media links

Have you published a guest blog on a subject relevant to your field? Have you written an op-ed for a local or national business journal? Have you spoken at a conference or produced a podcast? LinkedIn can help you share this content directly with anyone who views your profile. By adding media links to your profile and sharing them as posts your connections can read, you’ll provide a layer of depth to your credentials and take your experience right to your intended audience.

Create a detailed, catchy headline

After your name, your headline is likely the first part of your LinkedIn profile potential connections or hiring managers will see. Depending on where they find your profile, they may not be able to read your whole headline, so make sure to mention your industry focus and job title at the start.

You have 120 characters available in your headline – use this space to highlight your most noteworthy skills or a prominent accolade you’ve earned. Have you doubled your revenue through sales generated two years in a row? Did you earn a local award from your city’s business journal? Adding these details to your LinkedIn headline ensures connections and followers know the most noteworthy aspects of your professional expertise.

Share videos on your page

Video content is all the rage across social media, and LinkedIn is no exception. If you have time to create and share them, a regular collection of videos will get more attention than just one. Choose topics that will impress and inform your audience, such as how-to’s, brief histories of industry developments, or explanations of current controversies and industry challenges. Talk about yourself and your accomplishments or share the results of your research or informed opinions. Videos for social media don’t need to be a major production or a lengthy ordeal. All you need to get started is a smartphone with a camera and a topic you want to share your expertise on.

Join LinkedIn groups relevant to your industry

If you join or connect with members of LinkedIn groups, you’ll show up in more searches and attract more attention for sharing your experiences. Join groups and post comments in interesting discussion threads when you have something to contribute. You might even be able to meet new connections or generate business leads through conversations in LinkedIn groups.

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful tool for building a reputation within your industry and developing contacts. If you are looking for help taking your career search to the next level, contact the recruiting team at Executive Alliance.

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