What Can Your Company Do to Attract Diverse Talent?

Experienced managers recognize that greater diversity often leads to greater team strength. Having a team consisting of employees from diverse backgrounds – both personally and professionally – ensures you’ll have a talented team who can approach problems from different perspectives and arrive at the best solution possible.

Taking the steps below and maintaining a continual focus on reducing unconscious biases goes a long way. How can your business integrate a genuine focus on diversity into the hiring process?

Increase the diversity of your hiring managers.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but this can certainly be a factor. Is your team making hiring decisions disproportionately represented by one gender, race or age? Recognize that this is a result of bias on some level, not an accident.

Once you have a more diverse team making these decisions, your work isn’t over. Once implicit and unconscious biases are overcome, a team must be able to work together along similar guidelines to make the best decision for your company. Who will be the leader that keeps a diverse team on the same path? Make sure everyone works towards a common goal, and your business will be better for it.

Check the wording of your job descriptions.

Do your job descriptions use certain gender-neutral pronouns? Does the posting reflect tired stereotypes about the role? Are your descriptions inclusive of those with disabilities? Do you allow age bias to slip into your posts? The way you word a job description can make some people less encouraged to apply if they don’t fit a certain cultural norm or if they are made to think they won’t be a good fit before they apply for the job. This can turn away qualified candidates who might be a great addition to your team.

Emphasize company values during the hiring process.

If your company leadership genuinely cares about resolving societal or industry-specific problems, make this clear. Many talented applicants are broad thinkers with an interest in the larger world, not just their own immediate gain. This means they prefer to work for companies that embrace human values. Share those values and explain the actions the company has taken to uphold them.

Seek candidates where they are.

One of the best and fastest ways to recruit a talented work force – especially a group of talented candidates you may not have considered in the past – is to consider where they look for jobs. If you have the resources to do so, spread a wide net. Job seekers may find jobs through social media or email, in a journal or magazine or on a flyer in their part of town. Make sure you know who your ideal candidates are and how they like to find jobs.

Once you have the tools to build a diverse team, your business can take advantage of their experience and move forward in a new direction. For more on how to attract, hire and retain the best available talent in your industry, contact the recruitment experts at Executive Alliance.

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