Tips for Using LinkedIn to Showcase Your Industry Expertise

Known as a go-to social media network for professionals, LinkedIn can help you stay connected to co-workers and contacts as your career moves you into one company and out of another. It can also help you stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments in your industry, the advancements of your colleagues and the professional […]

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Five Questions to Ask to End Your Interview on a High Note

During the last minutes of a job interview, most hiring managers like to turn the tables and give the candidate a chance to ask a few questions about the position and the company. Choosing the right questions can help you appear smart and capable in the eyes of your interviewer. More importantly, focused questions let […]

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Does Your Resume Highlight Your Best Achievements?

Your resume should give your employers a comprehensive list of information about you: where you live, what you studied in school and the titles of the jobs you’ve held until now. These are all important data points that can help hiring managers make a decision; after all, the hiring manager likely has a pile of […]

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Use Your Smartphone to Improve Your Interview Skills

At this stage in your job search, you’ve been called in for several interviews but you haven’t yet landed an offer. You’ve been well-dressed and on time for every session, but for some reason, you just aren’t beating out the competition. The fact that you are getting in the door is positive news, since it […]

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Experiencing Burnout? This May Be a Great Time to Enter the Job Market

A down day on the job doesn’t always warrant a major change or a new job altogether. In fact, some people actually feel a stronger connection with their employers and a greater sense of satisfaction after they’ve weathered a few relationship challenges and emerged on the other side. But there’s a difference between riding out […]

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Straightforward Ways to Become an Indispensable Employee

When you’re an “indispensable” employee, you aren’t just a superstar in your boss’s eyes (though that’s always a nice feeling). An indispensable employee gains exposure to new learning experiences, opportunities for more responsibility, personal references and other advantages that place rocket boosters on their long-term career. And in the immediate future, an indispensable employee gains […]

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Break Through the Clutter and Land Your Dream Job

You found the perfect job opening – congratulations! Both the company and the position match your goals and qualifications in every single way, and you can’t picture a job that could excite your interest more than this one. The only problem: Even at a single glance, you know you can’t possibly be the only person […]

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Change is Good, But Too Much Change is Bad: What’s the Right Balance for Your Career?

If you’re a naturally restless person, you probably don’t like doing the same thing every day for more than a year or so. And if you thrive on predictability, you probably hope to keep your current job until the day you retire – unless something unexpected happens. But if you’re like most of us, you […]

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Leadership Traits that Stand Out in the Interview

Most employers are highly attracted (or claim to be) to two distinct social traits in potential candidates: leadership and teamwork. On the surface, both traits are believed to be obvious during interviews. Leaders, for example, sit up straight and tell stories about how they’ve rallied struggling teams to victory or kicked game-winning goals. Team players […]

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Showing Results in the Interview: You Only Need to Impress the Hiring Manager

You’re great at your job. Or at least, you’re pretty good. You’re good enough. You certainly earn the approval of your boss and the dollars in your paycheck. Here’s a conundrum that, for many job applicants, becomes a common interview mistake: How can you take your hard-earned skills and hard-won knowledge and show them off […]

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