Will Transparency Help Your Company’s Goals?

In the current parlance, when company leaders use the word “transparency,” they’re referring to a broad concept that extends beyond simply sharing quarterly financial data with employees and shareholders. This word now typically suggests disclosures and information sharing across all aspects of culture and business management, from publicizing company revenue to bringing employees into the […]

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Your Game Plan After a Recruiter Contacts You

You’ve been searching for work and extending your feelers into the marketplace, and something interesting has just happened: You’ve been contacted by a recruiter. Seemingly out of nowhere, an email or voicemail has appeared in your inbox and a person who identified him or herself as a recruiter has alerted you to a position they […]

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What’s the Real Cost of Losing an Employee? How Can a Recruiting Firm Help?

When a high performing (or simply average) employee walks out the door, they will need to be replaced, and every day that an open position remains unfilled, the company suffers from lost revenue. When you add those days of lost revenue to the cost of advertising, resume reviews, interviews, hiring, and training, the total price […]

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Want to Land your Dream Job? Here are Four Ways to Stop Dreaming and Start Doing.

You know what you want to do. When you envision yourself a year or five years in the future, the image in your mind is crystal clear. Your dream is powerful and appealing … but how can you stop daydreaming and turn your vision into reality? Here are a few simple steps that help you […]

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Which Benefits Do Your Job Candidates REALLY Want?

According to the results of a recent Glassdoor survey, three basic benefits showed the highest correlation with employee satisfaction: Health insurance, PTO, and retirement planning options. Of course, talented employees will always seek salaries that align with the value of their skills and time, so base salaries and bonus opportunities should play a key role […]

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Quiet Personality? You Can Still Be Great at Networking

It’s safe to say you’re not the most outgoing person in the world. In fact, it might be more accurate to phrase it like this: You would rather be trapped in an elevator with anything, anything at all — including snakes, lava, or poison gas — than another person with whom you’re expected to “network.” […]

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How Can You Hire More Millennials in 2017?

Most executives and hiring managers agree: Despite the heckling and criticism their cohort receives from older generations, millennials are good for business. They’re ambitious, if inexperienced, and they work hard in exchange for lower average salaries than those commanded by more experienced workers. They give a lot without expecting a lot in return; they’ll go […]

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Looking for a New Job? Why You Might Want to Focus More on the Boss

As you search for work, you’ll want to find an employer who can pay you fairly, nurture your talents and provide you with the training and exposure you need to advance your career. As you evaluate your options, you’ll probably review the company as a whole (Does this place have the stability and size to […]

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Is the Boomerang Job Candidate the Right Fit for Your Job Opening?

A while ago (maybe one year, or maybe six weeks in the past), you had an employee on your team who showed strong potential. You hired them because their credentials and attitude aligned with the responsibilities of the position, and you welcomed them onboard and established a positive relationship. But when they were ready to […]

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How to Lead When You’re Not A Manager

You may not hold any official authority at work, and you may not be responsible for the actions of any direct reports — at least not on paper. But sometimes your role demands an element of leadership, and during these times, you need to convince others to take action, motivate them, encourage them, or correct […]

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