How Much Does Hiring the Wrong Person Cost Your Business?

Finding a new employee is a substantial process that requires a lot of time and resources from multiple people within your company. From posting an opening to sourcing candidates, holding interviews and making a hiring decision, it’s a lengthy process – and one you want to yield the perfect addition to your team. When that […]

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Use Your Smartphone to Improve Your Interview Skills

At this stage in your job search, you’ve been called in for several interviews but you haven’t yet landed an offer. You’ve been well-dressed and on time for every session, but for some reason, you just aren’t beating out the competition. The fact that you are getting in the door is positive news, since it […]

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How Effective Design Ties to Business Success

Your company has no fear of technology, and that’s certainly commendable. You embrace digital solutions and you apply them whenever possible to overcome obstacles and improve communication. On the one hand, you should feel proud; after all, technology isn’t going anywhere, and you can’t compete if you can’t keep up. But on the other hand, […]

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Preparing for the Next Generation: How to Recruit Generation Z

It’s been more than ten years since the term “millennial” was introduced to society, and since that time, millennials have graduated from college and quickly assimilated into the workforce. Those once-fresh-faced newbies are now approaching 40, and their replacements, known as Generation Z, are stepping in the door. Born after 1996, members of Gen Z […]

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Break Through the Clutter and Land Your Dream Job

You found the perfect job opening – congratulations! Both the company and the position match your goals and qualifications in every single way, and you can’t picture a job that could excite your interest more than this one. The only problem: Even at a single glance, you know you can’t possibly be the only person […]

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Slow, Outdated, Unfriendly: Changing the Candidate Experience Will Improve Your Success Rate

When unemployment rates are high and the job market tilts the table in favor of employers, companies can get away with a slightly weak or unpleasant candidate experience. If the selection process takes weeks (or months) and the process doesn’t leave a welcoming impression, it won’t deter a candidate with few other options. But when […]

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Quality Over Quantity – How Does Data Drive More Placements?

You want your recruiting team to find strong matches, and you want your overall total of strong matches to top out every month and ideally grow over time. So when it comes to recruiting success, you want quality and quantity. Good placements, fast. How can well-managed data drive each of these efforts without compromising the […]

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Leadership Traits that Stand Out in the Interview

Most employers are highly attracted (or claim to be) to two distinct social traits in potential candidates: leadership and teamwork. On the surface, both traits are believed to be obvious during interviews. Leaders, for example, sit up straight and tell stories about how they’ve rallied struggling teams to victory or kicked game-winning goals. Team players […]

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Automation Will Help Recruiters Focus on These Important Areas

There’s been plenty of buzz about automation and its impact on the job market. Machines have been put in place to perform the work of countless jobs in every industry from steel processing to warehouse management to personal assistance. But what about recruitment? When it comes to those who are tasked with finding and hiring […]

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Showing Results in the Interview: You Only Need to Impress the Hiring Manager

You’re great at your job. Or at least, you’re pretty good. You’re good enough. You certainly earn the approval of your boss and the dollars in your paycheck. Here’s a conundrum that, for many job applicants, becomes a common interview mistake: How can you take your hard-earned skills and hard-won knowledge and show them off […]

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