Is Job Abandonment an Issue for Your Business?

In today’s vernacular, when we “ghost” someone, we stop answering phone calls and texts and just vanish into the ether without goodbyes or explanations. In the employment world, a similar phenomenon has recently attracted attention as candidates engage in the same behavior with prospective employers. This behavior has been becoming more of a hot-button issue […]

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Does Your Resume Highlight Your Best Achievements?

Your resume should give your employers a comprehensive list of information about you: where you live, what you studied in school and the titles of the jobs you’ve held until now. These are all important data points that can help hiring managers make a decision; after all, the hiring manager likely has a pile of […]

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How to Determine if a Great Interviewee is Really a Great Candidate

Your candidate seems to be hitting this interview right out of the park. They’re engaging, quick on their feet, and they have a perfect answer for everything you throw their way. When you ask a philosophical question (like, “Why do you want this job?”), their responses are thoughtful and articulate. When you give them a […]

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Experiencing Burnout? This May Be a Great Time to Enter the Job Market

A down day on the job doesn’t always warrant a major change or a new job altogether. In fact, some people actually feel a stronger connection with their employers and a greater sense of satisfaction after they’ve weathered a few relationship challenges and emerged on the other side. But there’s a difference between riding out […]

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Considering a Career Switch? These Factors Help Your Decision

You know you’re ready for a career switch. Your current career path doesn’t feel right for you anymore — maybe it never felt quite right — and now it’s time to move on. But unlike some passionate career shifters, you’re leaping away from the current status quo with no specific destination in mind. Some mid-career […]

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Being Likeable Can Be the Difference in Your Recruitment

Can your likability influence the success of your job search? And if so, what can you do to pursue this abstract quality and make it work for you? What is a “likable” candidate, and how can you become one to attract better job offers? Here are a few places to start. What is likeability? Too […]

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4 Annoying Networking Habits You Don’t Know You’re Doing

You know that it’s a good idea to reach out to your social connections during your job search. You’ve heard, read, and seen for yourself that you can turn the ladder into an escalator by asking for help when you need it and helping others who turn to you for support. Networking matters, and when […]

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3 Must-Dos to Turn Your Interview into a Job Offer

You landed an interview! Congratulations! But before you start the celebration, take it easy and focus on the next stage of the process. You’re on your way, but the job isn’t in the bag quite yet. You’ll need to take a few strategic steps to press your advantage, add to your success, and turn your […]

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Your Game Plan After a Recruiter Contacts You

You’ve been searching for work and extending your feelers into the marketplace, and something interesting has just happened: You’ve been contacted by a recruiter. Seemingly out of nowhere, an email or voicemail has appeared in your inbox and a person who identified him or herself as a recruiter has alerted you to a position they […]

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What’s the Real Cost of Losing an Employee? How Can a Recruiting Firm Help?

When a high performing (or simply average) employee walks out the door, they will need to be replaced, and every day that an open position remains unfilled, the company suffers from lost revenue. When you add those days of lost revenue to the cost of advertising, resume reviews, interviews, hiring, and training, the total price […]

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