What Can Your Company Do to Attract Diverse Talent?

Experienced managers recognize that greater diversity often leads to greater team strength. Having a team consisting of employees from diverse backgrounds – both personally and professionally – ensures you’ll have a talented team who can approach problems from different perspectives and arrive at the best solution possible. Taking the steps below and maintaining a continual […]

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Emotional Intelligence Helps Interviewers Find Better Candidates

Can you use emotional intelligence to advance your interviewing skills and attract more talented and well-aligned candidates? As with almost every other aspect of the interviewing and selection process, a few controlled studies can go a long way toward answering the question and finding evidence-based models that actually bring results. And as it happens, applying […]

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Straightforward Ways to Become an Indispensable Employee

When you’re an “indispensable” employee, you aren’t just a superstar in your boss’s eyes (though that’s always a nice feeling). An indispensable employee gains exposure to new learning experiences, opportunities for more responsibility, personal references and other advantages that place rocket boosters on their long-term career. And in the immediate future, an indispensable employee gains […]

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Quality Over Quantity – How Does Data Drive More Placements?

You want your recruiting team to find strong matches, and you want your overall total of strong matches to top out every month and ideally grow over time. So when it comes to recruiting success, you want quality and quantity. Good placements, fast. How can well-managed data drive each of these efforts without compromising the […]

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Automation Will Help Recruiters Focus on These Important Areas

There’s been plenty of buzz about automation and its impact on the job market. Machines have been put in place to perform the work of countless jobs in every industry from steel processing to warehouse management to personal assistance. But what about recruitment? When it comes to those who are tasked with finding and hiring […]

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Could Glassdoor Be Hurting Your Recruiting Efforts?

Several popular websites have made a name for themselves over the past decade as trusted resources that can help employees review companies and share vital information about salary and workplace culture. One of the most well trafficked review sites, Glassdoor.com, has become a steady presence in the job search landscape, and many candidates would never […]

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Find the Perfect Candidate With These Recruitment Strategies

These tested and proven recruitment strategies can help you sift through a vast field of almost-perfect matches to find the best possible candidate for the job. By the time you’ve completed the sourcing process and the first few rounds of resume reviews, you’ll be facing a pool of interview-ready candidates who probably want the job, […]

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Boring Job Descriptions Lead to Inferior Candidates

As an employer or hiring manager seeking a qualified candidate ASAP, you recognize the dangers of a weak job description. A job description that doesn’t fit the bill might be misleading, filled with meaningless word salad, vague, forbidding, rude, or just plain incorrect. Of course, you’re not interested in posting a job description that gives […]

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How Can Recruiters Help Hiring Managers Build a Relationship with the Candidate?

As an experienced manager, you know that candidate relationships matter. You’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) that showing respect and interest in your candidates can pay off in the long run, even if you don’t end up hiring every candidate with whom you interact. And if you neglect this key detail, your top candidates are […]

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Job Hopping: It’s Not Just for Millennials

HR teams and hiring managers are often taken in by a common assumption: Unlike their older counterparts, millennials don’t stay put, and keeping them onboard for more than two years may require a significant investment in retention programs. While part of this may be true — younger workers do switch jobs after an average of […]

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