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Vice President Of Sales

Job Order ID 2867
Province/State New York
City New Hyde Park

Posted Date 2/4/2019

Brief Description

We currently have a requirement for  a new Vice President, Business Development, reporting directly to the Executive Vice President.  The Vice President will work closely with Mike on driving revenue growth through primarily organic means such as new program wins, joint ventures, and partnerships.


The successful candidate should be capable of conceiving, negotiating, managing and developing such new customer agreements and should therefore be quite strong strategically and conceptually, not just as a transaction-oriented sales executive.


We understand that, over time, the new Vice President should be capable of succeeding Mike as the most senior business development executive at the company.


Based on our conversation to date and subject to refinement in further discussions, we will be seeking most, if not all, of the following in the ideal candidate profile:

Requirement Note
  • Senior-level business development experience, either at the C-level reporting to the President and CEO, or one level below, in the divisional, business unit or regional context.

  • Experience in the development of corporate and business unit strategy.

  • An industry-known executive who brings a proven track record of leading and managing a revenue-building business development function.

  • Functional depth in organic (vs. non-organic) business development with a focus on new program wins, joint ventures, and partnerships.

  • Ideally, direct and relevant experience in the aerospace sector and preferably, but not necessarily, in an area directly within or closely adjacent to the sub-sectors in which Jamaica Bearings competes.

  • A strong track record of profitable revenue and business growth.   Has demonstrated an ability to drive both revenue and profit in an aggressive fashion.  

  • Experience serving as a trusted business advisor to a leadership team on business development and broader business issues.

  • Blends strong business development skills and expertise with good business acumen and financial savvy.    Has demonstrated himself or herself to be as much a well-rounded businessperson as a business development executive.

  • Ideally, complements his or her core background in business development with experience in other functions such as finance, engineering or operations.

  • Ideally, has worked effectively in an entrepreneurial, small/mid-sized company context and demonstrated some measure of business-building ability outside the protection of a large corporate environment.

  • Experienced internationally.   A global citizen with a strong sense of culture and awareness of global customs.

  • An unblemished record as related to his or her ethical integrity and that of the organizations he or she has served.

  • An undergraduate degree in management, business, engineering, aeronautics/ aviation or other relevant field and, ideally, an M.B.A.

  • Willing and able to relocate to the greater New York City area in a reasonable timeframe.

Contact Details:
Craig Feingold
(631) 493-0574 ext. 104