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Coordinating Nurse – Puerto Rico

Job Order ID 3231
Province/State Puerto Rico
City San Jaun

Employment Type Permanent
Posted Date 11/6/2019

Brief Description

Executive Alliance is seeking a Coordinating Nurse for a client in San Juan, Puerto Rico to join a global healthcare organization.


Position Summary:
To be responsible for the delivery of professional and effective medical assistance services for clients to the highest standards of excellence in conjunction with the Regional Medical Director, coordinating doctors and nurses.


Key Responsibilities
· Responsibility for medical due diligence and case direction with respect to designated medical assistance cases on all transmissions.
· Responsibility for designated ongoing medical-related tasks required on all medical assistance cases and on all transmissions.
· Assess each designated case with respect to its medical elements and provide direction in order to facilitate medical due diligence and render the appropriate assistance.
· Provision of assistance with referrals and retrospective claims assessments as required.
· Responsibility for ensuring that there is an appropriate medical handover of cases at the beginning/ end of each shift.
· Assist with clear case direction during the daily Alarm Center transmission handover process.
· Help determine the medical frequency/intensity of medical contacts with treating Doctors, Clients, patients and their family members as appropriate.
· Assist with the planning and progress of medical hospitalization cases.
· Oversee the planning and progress of operational issues relating to medical case management.


· Receive and assess relevant medically-related calls received from clients. Collect logistical, medical and collateral histories pertaining to the medical event/incident.
· Provide telephone medical assessment of designated patients in all parts of the world, assess and monitor the appropriateness of the treatment where they are located in conjunction with the Regional Medical Director and Coordinating Doctors.
· Give advice to callers, relatives, employers, employees, insurance companies and other clients within the scope of practice.
· Organize and supervise appropriate medical assistance for designated clients. This includes obtaining medical reports, organizing referrals, monitoring the patient’s conditions, recommending appropriate means of medical transportation, and monitoring the progress of such.
· Obtain medical reports from treating medical staff to ascertain the suitability of patient’s treatment, monitor medical care and co-ordinate the patient’s needs for transport as appropriate.
· Assist in providing medical referrals in the regions covered and/or serviced by the Alarm Center.
· Conduct intermittent site surveys (review of medical facilities) to add to our network of medical providers as appropriate and available.
· Partake in the further development and enhancement of medical and logistic capabilities.

· Collect relevant medical information to produce focused professional medical reports that effectively communicated medical information to all types of clients.
· Professionally communicate verbally and/or in writing to the relevant parties/clients of the progress of the patient’s condition. Discuss appropriate medical management and dispositional recommendations.
· Undertake responsibility for the medical information released from the Alarm centre.
· Undertake direct contact with relevant Treating Medical Officers and Local Medical Officers as appropriate to expedite the case’s management.
· Liaise with client medical departments and claim departments to effectively communicate relevant medical and logistical information in accordance with the client requirements.
· Undertake public relations calls as required to ensure good communication with all parties and to promote clear understanding with patients, families, clients etc.
· Establish responsive liaison arrangements both within and externally. (i.e. Medical representatives, patients, and insurance companies.)
· Positively promote the work of the client .
· Maintain high standards for detailed and accurate documentation including the consistent updating of case files.


· Consistently maintain the Medical Transportation Standards (MTS) in expediting all medical transportations.
· Share direct responsibility for the assessment of medical and logistical aspects of evacuations and repatriations in conjunction with the Regional Medical Director and Coordinator Doctors., including the assessment of the necessity of an evacuation and the means by which it should take place. (i.e. air-ambulance / commercial carrier / seated / stretcher / escort type / medical equipment / etc.)
· Liaise with medical departments of airlines for passenger medical clearance in coordination with the Regional Medical Director and Coordinating Doctors.
· Act as a medical escort when required for appropriate medical cases.
· Determine most appropriate Medical escort personnel for the specific case in conjunction with the Regional Medical Director and Coordinator Doctors.
· As appropriate, assist in the maintenance, upgrading, and control of the emergency mobile medical equipment available in the alarm centre.


· Responsibility for medical referrals such that patients are referred to appropriate levels of care and the appropriate medical provider is selected.
· Collation of new information on medical providers and facilities encountered and transfer of this information to the Global Assistance Network (GAN) department with medical comment for further investigation.
· Assist with site surveys, medical audits and write reports as per specifications upon request from the Regional Medical Director and in fulfillment of the Audit Tool.
· To work at other locations, including GMS sites, as and when required by consensus agreement.


· Escalation as per protocol to the Medical Directorship of the alarm centre, Regional Medical Directorship and Corporate Assistance Department (CAD), in that order respectively.


· Participate, under the direction of the Regional Medical Director and CEO, Americas and in consultation with the Marketing Manager, in appropriate business development activities to enhance the development of activities.
· Assist in explaining medical services to prospective and existing clients as requested.
· Work within and promote all policies and procedures.
· Carry out other reasonable duties as requested by the Regional Medical Director.
· Work flexible hours as appropriate to the needs of the post.
· Undertake client-specific training on unique software or involving programmatic requirements to fulfill the expectation of the contract and client.
· Be responsible for own Continuing Professional Education. will endeavor to support appropriate Continuing Professional Education requests.
· Play a leading role in case management and team development, working closely with the Operations Manager and Shift Supervisors.
· Attend supervision, training and departmental meetings as and when required.
· Undertake accountability for your workload.
· Participate, when asked, in Coach2Win, Peer-Mentor, Training-Mentor and like programs.

Requirement Note

· Three to five years of recent inpatient clinical experience
· United States Registered Nurse licensure (current)
· BCSL certification (current )
· ACLS certification (current)
· Fluency and bilingual in English and Spanish is preferred, not required
· Proficiency in Word, typing, computer, and communication skills
· There are many opportunities for travel, not required
· Rotation of shifts is based on the needs of the assistance center

Please include a resume when applying
All inquiries strictly confidential

Contact Details:
Ruchi Virmani
(813) 973-2200 ext. 3004