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Project Manager

Job Order ID 3353
Country United States
Province/State Florida
City Tampa

Employment Type Permanent
Posted Date 9/20/2019

Brief Description


Project Manager – Tampa, FL

Permanent Position


Under minimal supervision, the Project Manager obtains and understands the necessary information to estimate, purpose and plan the installation of connectivity solutions. Once a project is sold, the Project Manager supports the Lead Technician and holds overall responsibility and accountability for the success of the implementation. This position requires a broad-based knowledge official and wide area networks, complex structured cabling systems comprising fiber, copper and wireless LAN mediums, and the ability to apply the expertise in a wide variety of custom settings. This permanent position is responsible for consulting with and assisting customers and prospective customers in identifying the most effective methods to manage their data, voice and video connectivity systems. This position will have frequent contact with customers, prospective customers and many internal departs on a frequent and regular basis, as well as with vendors on an as-needed basis.

Requirement Note


  • Maintain a clean, neat, professional appearance.
  • Possess and maintain a valid Florida driver’s license and be insurable under the company’s current insurance carrier standards.
  • Accept periodic assignments that involve travel away from immediate district office area. Based on client needs, business needs and project scope the Operations Manager will designate work assignments that involve travel.
  • Adhere to all company policies and procedures. General
  • Accept direction and critiques from Team Members.
  • Complete and submit all paperwork (timesheets, material forms, Project Authorizations, etc.) according to company policies and procedures.
  • Use proper care on all company assets to avoid breakage, misuse, theft, etc.
  • Make decisions that support the corporate values, mission, vision, quality goals and behaviors. In cases of extreme doubt or uncertainty, seek counseling and guidance of the Lead Technician or immediate manager.
  • Attend classes and training sessions, as requested by management, to obtain and maintain vendor certifications.
  • Preform all duties, responsibilities and assignments with a total Commitment to Excellence.
  • Represent company in a professional and ethical manner.
  • Maintain accurate records and logs regarding use of private automobile for company business trips and other out-of-pocket expenses that are job related.
  • Managed assigned projects to a successful, profitable conclusion from both the customer’s and the company’s perspective.
  • Maintain relationships with manufacturer and distributor representative that support business interests, conform to our values and provides that appropriate degree of confidentiality. Avoid situations and conditions where implied or expressed actions or favors are anticipated.
  • Make decisions concerning company expenses as though personal money is being spent. Sales
  • Working with Sales Manager, actively pursue and acquire new business opportunities for the company by developing a network of contacts within the industry, staying in touch with our customers and vigorously following up on all leads acquired.
  • Listen to the customer or prospective customer with intensity in order to obtain an exact understanding of customer’s challenges and objectives.
  • Prepare high caliber, professional proposals which include detailed scope of work, technical schematics, detailed components listings that meet or exceed performance requirements, and pricing that is both competitive and profitable.
  • Deliver technical presentations to customers or prospective customers with high degree of subtle authority to instill confidence in the listener with regard to company’s proposal. Presentations are often given to senior management and must be executed with professionalism supported by an abundance of expertise to answer questions posed.
  • Consistently meet or exceed division and company profit goals. Technical
  • Conduct surveys to evaluate existing environment and to determine most effective methods of designing the cabling plant based on cable routing conditions, etc. and equipment to be used to meet customer requirements. This responsibility includes review of building structure and investigation of applicable code regulations, reading and interpreting blueprints and other types of architectural plans, renderings and drawings to ensure optimum solutions.
  • Pricing on any RFPs (Request of Proposal), contacts or bids must be fair, accurate and consistent. All state laws and guidelines regarding taxes on materials must be followed. All labor charges must reflect actual times to perform all aspects of work to be performed, irrespective of type of media or terminations. Responsibility also includes constant evaluations and update of pricing strategies. This strategy must be based on current market trends, competitive intelligence gathering and profitability.
  • Work with Market Manager(s) and Management to reach final determination on project pricing that will produce a competitive proposal while achieving a fair profit for the company.
  • Price project according to company project pricing policies. Follow approval process for variations to pricing policies.
  • Accurately and succinctly author the scope work aspects of customer proposals.
  • Accurately estimate labor and material requirements for each project.
  • Together with Lead Technician, ensure projects are implemented according to labor and material estimate.
  • Provide project Lead Technician with detailed, clear and accurate implementation information including labor estimates and schedules to allow Lead Technician to schedule work and resources.
  • Work with the Project Coordinator, Lead Technician and Operations Manager to ensure that the sufficient labor talent and materials are assigned to the project to successfully execute the implementation according to scope of work and budgets.
  • Work as team with other Project Managers and Operations Team Members to resolve scheduling conflicts and challenges.
  • Create a Project Plan that accurately and effectively conveys the installation specifics.
  • Create Purchase orders and follow material procurement process to ensure the timely and efficient availability of material on the project.
  • Work with the Project Coordinator and Lead Technician to ensure material procurement to obtain maximum project efficiency, both operationally and monetarily.
  • Respond to the Lead Technician request for assistance on changes in project scope during the installation.
  • Ensure that the Project Lead Technician is completely tracking and documenting changes in scope to purposed and approved project scope with fully executed and approved change orders.
  • At no time commit the company to changes in scope that will result in increased project costs without a written commitment from the client that added expenses will be paid by the client.
  • Must maintain knowledge and awareness of industry changes that affect our market and keep pace with industry standards. Actively work to increase knowledge through independent study, technical/industry publications, company and/or vendor sponsored training courses.
  • Contribute as a Team Member in solving project related challenges.
  • Bring any issues of concern, regarding workmanship, personnel, safety, etc., to the attention of the project Lead Technician, Operations Manager or other company management as necessary.
  • Manage the installation of projects in a manner that will ensure quality, efficient use of resources and complete customer satisfaction.
  • On projects that will be progress billed, create a schedule of values that will enable efficient updating of work progressive.
  • Format project estimates in a manner that will allow for efficient and accurate schedule of values updates.
  • Preform walk through with the Lead Technician on large or complex projects.
  • Work with Sales Manager and Operations Manager to obtain concurrence on the financial condition of new customers before proposing any work.


JOB SPECIFICATIONS Education And Training

  • High school diploma or equivalent required
  • Requires a minimum of two (2) years college level courses, preferably in the computer sciences or business areas.
  • For individual processing minimum educational requirements this position requires a minimum of three (3) direct industry-related work experience. A minimum of five (5) years direct industry -related work experience is required for an individual not possessing minimum educational requirements.
  • A Registered Communication Distribution Designer (RCDD) certification is preferred for this position.
  • PMP Preferred
  • Desire and ability to learn and advance in the telecommunications field.


Experience And Skills

  • The fundamental skills required are time management, project management, ability to communicate technical matters in a clear and concise manner both verbally and in writing, ability to read and understand highly technical publications, bid proposals and instructions.
  • Thorough knowledge of physical plants, building structures, electrical and structural codes and regulations and routing conditions within and between buildings for aerial, conduit and underground cabling.
  • Ability to read and interpret blueprints for the purpose of designing cable plant configurations and estimating time, material and technicians’ requirements for effective time job completion.
  • Extensive knowledge in all cable and wiring standards such as the EIA/TIA 568 suite documents and the ability to apply them in cabling design and implementation. Must possess extensive knowledge and experience in all media types. Knowledge of specifications, limitations and applications of all these media types and their utilization benefits is also required.
  • Ability to work with small telecommunication components such as fiber optic strands and small gauge copper wire.
  • Ability to distinguish the different colors of small conductor wire and fiber optic strands.
  • This position requires an intermediate proficiency in spreadsheet and word processing software.



A Registered Communication Distribution Designer (RCDD) certification is preferred for this position.

Individuals that are currently are in this position that do not possess this certification must be on a development plan that will obtain the certification within an acceptable time frame to company management. Project Management certifications are highly encouraged and will lead to an increased level of effectiveness and success in the position.


Complexity Of Duties

Works with established guidelines and procedures. Position requires high degree of initiative, planning and judgement in completing assigned task. Supervision Received Works under minimal supervision with clearly defined objectives. Work is subject to review by supervisory personnel to ensure completeness and accuracy. Supervision Of Others Will act as a manager on the installation of projects. Project Manager is to address all project related issues directly with Lead Technician and work crews. Project manager is to bring all Human Resources type issues to attention of Operations Manager. Does not have direct hire and fire responsibilities or authority, however, will contribute opinions on such issues to the Operations Manager. Confidentiality Works with some confidential data and customer information, which if disclosed, could have an adverse effect on the company and/or customer. Contact With Others Contacts are normally with other department Team Members, such as Sales Managers, Material Management and Corporate Accounting. High Degree of customer contact during sales cycle, moderate degree of customer contact during installation phase.


Physical Requirements

  • Ability to clearly see and work with small components.
  • Ability to walk, stand, bend, lift up to 50 lbs., climb ladders and drive a vehicle.
  • Individual cannot be colorblind. Mental Requirements
  • Job entails full concentration and attention to the task at hand, especially while performing tasks that could result in injury or damage to property.
  • Long periods of intense concentration are frequently required, such as proposal creation and during estimate take offs.


Working Conditions

  • Administrative aspect of the job (estimating, proposals, etc.) is usually performed in indoor environments under controlled environmental conditions. Project walk throughs and inspections are performed at the project site. Often environment is that of a construction site with open ceilings, open walls and no environmental air control. This environment also includes the presence of numerous construction trades.
  • Local travel required (job site visits) - mileage reimbursement for any travel per company policy

Contact Details:
Stephanie Gonzalez
(813) 973-2200 xtn 3009