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Digital Marketing Specialist

Job Order ID 4868
Province/State New York
City West Babylon

Employment Type Permanent
Posted Date 9/23/2020

Brief Description

  Help plan and project manage our email marketing

  • Work with team eblasts schedule based on company/marketing calendar, product launches, restocks, company sales, partnership announcements, etc.

  • Wireframe and write the copy for eblasts, and work with to get the discount auto-apply links for each product.

  • Get approval on the eblast copy and content

  • After approves, share the wireframe with, and assign the eblast design work to a designer in the Creative airtable along with a due date.

  • After the eblast mockup is done,

  • review and approve the eblast or provide any edits

  • After the team approves the eblast, tell the designer to send the eblast slices in the email-squad channel, and re-iterate the eblast send date, time, and any restrictions just in case. Closer to the eblast send date, find and screenshot relevant top-performing social posts, send screenshots to eblast designer to resize/edit for eblast, and tell them to post in email-squad channel and tag Alessandro so he can update the placeholders in the eblast in Hubspot.

  • Work on analyzing, finding, and communicating to the team optimization opportunities for all email marketing.

  • Work with the team on brainstorming A/B testing and new email marketing opportunities to help increase new customers, sales, AOV, and repeat purchases.

  • Stay up-to-date on email marketing best practices, and share and discuss implementing best practices


    Dexerto paid advertising

  • help plan and project manage our Dexerto ads, activations, what products we want to promote in our ads, and the discounts for each.

  • Draft a proposed monthly ads/activation schedule, review with and then schedule and join monthly planning calls with Dexerto and us.

  • Wireframe and write copy for all Dexerto ads. Share with Jose to review/approve.

  • Work with a designer to get all ads done.

  • Work with to get the tracking links for each ad asset, and share the tracking links and ad assets with   Dexerto in our shared Dexerto channel.

  • Ensure Dexerto sends a monthly report of all campaigns performance, combine with analytics data, and share report with team.


    Adroll ads

  • Help plan and project manage our Adroll ads.

  • Work with Jose, Lac, and Alessandro to plan Adroll ads schedule

  • Write copy for Adroll ads, share with Jose for review/approval, and share/assign Adroll ads to a designer

  • Once ads are designed, share with team. Also share the landing page with discount auto-apply link for them.

  • Work with the team to brainstorm A/B testing and new Adroll opportunities to help increase new customers, sales, AOV, and repeat purchases.


    Enthusiast Gaming ads, pre-rolls, blog article sharing, and giveaways these are included in our agreement with them)

  • Work with to help plan and project manage all Enthusiast Gaming ads

  • Assign ads and pre-roll to designers and Merola, send to Enthusiast along with UTM tracking links (work with Jose on this) when done

  • Ensure Enthusiast is providing performance reports on all campaigns. Combine that with performance reports from our analytics to get the full picture, and share/discuss results with the team.


  • Measure and report on campaigns, and recommend opportunities for improvement and optimization.

  • Help inform and optimize paid advertising strategy

  • Stay up-to-date on paid advertising best practices and competitor paid advertising campaigns, and share and discuss implementing best practices with Jose, Alessandro, and the team.


  • Work with the team to plan press release schedule

  • Work with to build media outreach list for each press release and major company launches/initiatives/partnerships

  • Work with on outreach email templates

  • Write press release drafts

  • Share drafts with to review/approve

  • Reach out to relevant publications from media outreach list and more, with the goal of securing coverage, increasing brand awareness, backlinks, and referral traffic and sales for

  • Measure and report on campaigns, and recommend opportunities for improvement and optimization.

  • Stay up-to-date on PR best practices, and share and discuss implementing best practices with Jose.


SEO and Content

  • Work with  the team to plan content strategy and calendar.

  • Work with Scotty and his influencer manager team on getting influencers to participate in/contribute tips and clips to relevant blog articles, and share those articles once they’re published.

  • Depending on SEO ability, help conduct keyword research to inform keyword strategy.

  • Stay up-to-date on latest gaming, esports, and competitor trends and news, share with the team, and use that knowledge to pitch content topics and inform blog content strategy.

  • Review and edit blog articles from freelance writers, then share with Jose for final review before uploading articles to Hubspot and publishing.

  • Upload blog articles to Hubspot, and format and publish them.

  • Create bitly UTM tracking links for each blog article for each platform for each account and add to bitlinks spreadsheet.

  • Post articles in blog chat so the team is aware when new articles are published, and so the social team knows to share it on social.

  • Update blog articles with the latest news/updates/announcements on the topic so articles stay evergreen and continuously drive traffic month after month.

  • Find relevant, high-quality gaming and esports-related sites and their contact information, and create link building prospecting lists.

  • Reach out to those relevant, high-quality, gaming and esports-related sites and content -- with the goal of earning coverage, backlinks, referral traffic, sales etc. for

  • Work to implement on-page, off-page, and technical SEO fixes and optimizations from  SEO audits.

  • Work with Jose to hypothesize, implement, measure, and report on SEO tests, and implement winners/optimizations.

  • Report on SEO and content performance, analyze data, and recommend areas for improvement and further optimizations.

  • Stay up-to-date on content marketing and SEO best practices, and esports, gaming, and influencer news. Share and discuss with the team, use that knowledge to continuously help improve SEO and content strategy, execution, campaigns, etc.



  • Work with to analyze analytics and identify leaky parts of the funnel, pages with low conversion rates and unusually high bounce rates, and pages that could benefit from optimizations.

  • Work to hypothesize, plan, and conduct A/B tests based on findings and results, and work with on implementing the winners.

  • Work with Jose on identifying and implementing product upsells/cross-sells.

  • Measure and report on campaigns and tests, and recommend opportunities for improvement and optimization.

  • Stay up-to-date on CRO best practices, share them with the team, and use that knowledge to inform A/B tests, optimizations, etc.


App Marketing

  • Work with the marketing team to help figure out how to increase app downloads and users, stickiness, usage, sales, AOV, repeat purchases, and CLTV.

  • Measure and report on campaigns and tests, and recommend opportunities for improvement and optimization.



  • Stay up-to-date on gaming, esports, influencer, and competitor news, and digital marketing best practices.

  • Think of, pitch, and discuss creative marketing ideas and campaigns with the team

  • When receiving new stores to add to our store locator, double-check all the addresses are right (if not, work with the sales team member on getting the right address from distributor), add them to master store locator spreadsheet, then upload them to store locator in Shopify and add them to the store locator blog article to their corresponding state section in the article.

  • Work to complete Blog and Upsells section of the DJ2 monthly review decks.

  • Think of and submit flavor mix ideas.

  • General marketing duties as needed.



Requirement Note



Contact Details:
Sean Ames
(631) 493-0574 Ext. 120