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Search Approach

Our Search Approach Assures You of Unsurpassed Service

At Executive Alliance, we believe clients deserve the highest level of service. You deserve recruiters who know the positions and industries being worked. Job seekers should be treated with the utmost respect.

In many cases we work with candidates who we have known for many years. We rely strongly on referrals to find the most qualified, passionate professionals. We know where to look for the perfect candidates - whether from an association, company, school or other organization. Depending on circumstance we may place advertising, which not only draws new candidates but also provides fresh referrals of other talented individuals. Our recruiters are committed to providing service, value, and results. We are always available to our clients and candidates, returning calls and emails almost immediately. We demonstrate this on a regular basis, as evidenced by our strong repeat business, testimonials and referrals. We follow through with candidates after they initiate employment. Often a skilled recruiter can help the candidate in dealing with the change in culture and environment. It's part of the reason that our attrition rate is negligible. We help our clients by leveraging our unique combination of recruiting and corporate experience. We don't only recruit for the positions; we have experience in identifying talent and managing the positions.

We understand your needs. Your first step is to contact Executive Alliance.

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