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Search Process

Our Proven Search Process Delivers the Highest Quality Candidates

Executive Alliance utilizes a proven search process that greatly improves the end result. Our process offers significant advantages over other methods of attracting talented people. As experienced and skilled professionals, we represent you in the most consistent and dignified manner from the initial contact to offer acceptance. Where replacement is sought for an incumbent we operate with absolute confidentiality. Here is our structured approach, ensuring that we build the best candidate selection pool.

  1. Needs analysis - Perform a complete needs analysis, identifying all the key functions of the position. Our knowledge of the industry gives us an understanding of many positions; the needs analysis helps us to tailor the job description to your exact requirements!
  2. Profile - Create a profile of the ideal candidate.
  3. Compensation - Consult with you on compensation in your industry and geographic market. Companies vary in resources; cost of living varies from state to state. You know you will get the right talent for the right compensation!
  4. Research - Begin marketplace research identifying industry associations, and companies that employ candidates possessing the required skills. This is our niche; we know who you need to know!
  5. Interview - Conduct in-depth candidate telephone interviews using behavioral based questions (This ascertains whether they have the appropriate background, willingness to change jobs for the right opportunity, and alignment with your goals and culture). Present you with a short list of selected candidates.
  6. Schedule - Arrange interviews with you.
  7. Prepare candidates for interviews, including briefing on your goals and priorities. Executive Alliance educates its' candidates on your opportunity, company and culture. No surprises for them on the interview, no surprises for you once they've been hired!
  8. Prepare you for interviews, emphasizing candidate's goals and aspirations.
  9. Debrief candidate.
  10. Debrief you and present preliminary conclusions. Politely release any candidates you do not want to pursue.
  11. Negotiate a win-win compensation package.
  12. References - If desired, provide results of in-depth reference checks and verify earnings.
  13. Offer - Transmit verbal offer to candidate to help ensure acceptance.
  14. Counteroffer - Consult with candidate and resolve resignation and counteroffer issues. We represent you when you are not present!
  15. Follow through - Remain in contact with you and candidate through start date and initial phases of employment. Our industry knowledge and follow through is why we've been so successful at placing candidates with our clients and having them remain with our clients!
  16. Conclude - Conduct conclusion interview with you to make sure project was successfully completed.

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