The battle cry of the job hunter is, “I have sent out 100’s of resumes and not received a single interview!” For many job seekers, the hunt feels like a one-sided conversation. Applications fly out, yet the response is a deafening silence. Stories abound of candidates applying to hundreds of positions, only to encounter, well…nothing. Candidates often say out loud, “It’s like dropping my resume in a black hole.” Why is this happening, and what can be done?

Factors Fueling the Frustration:

In today’s age of instant gratification, the allure of “Easy Apply” buttons on job boards is undeniable. A single click and your resume lands at countless companies, seemingly fast-tracking your job search. But is this shortcut really the path to career success? In a word, “no!”

The Pitfalls of Easy Apply:

  • Maximum Competition: Easy Apply often funnels your application into a robotic resume screener that prioritizes keywords over actual fit. You become one among hundreds, easily lost in the digital abyss.
  • Generic Doesn’t Cut It: Easy Apply often bypasses the chance to tailor your resume and cover letter to the specific job. This lack of personalization makes it harder to showcase your unique value. If you are answering a post, you should be trying to summarize the relevancy of your experience to a job by sending a resume focused on the job description and a cover letter packaging your best skills to an actual person. All it takes is a little research on LinkedIn to find someone that is not an arm of the ATS. Easy Apply prevents this from happening.
  • You Should be Focusing on Value Creation: Highlight how your skills can solve the company’s problems, showcasing your expertise through case studies or portfolio projects. You simply cannot do this using Easy Apply.
  • The Networking Void: Easy Apply neglects the power of human connection. Building relationships with companies through networking can open doors and lead to opportunities that Easy Apply simply can’t reach.
  • The Ghosting Game: Easy Apply often leads to radio silence. Companies rarely inform applicants of their status, leaving you in limbo and fueling frustration.

A More Strategic Approach:

Instead of relying on Easy Apply, consider these proactive strategies:

  • Take the Time to Craft a Targeted Resume: It is better to apply to just a few jobs per day with targeted tools than to dozens of jobs without targeted tools. Targeting your resume and cover letter will allow you to highlight relevant skills and achievements, using keywords from the job posting.
  • Network Like a Pro: Attend industry events, connect with professionals on LinkedIn, and reach out to your network for informational interviews. These connections can lead to hidden job opportunities and valuable insights. Experts agree 65-70% of all people find jobs through someone they know. These are undeniable numbers that fly right in the face of Easy Apply.

Do people find jobs using Easy Apply? Yes. But how focused are the jobs on your career goals? Easy Apply might offer a temporary burst of speed, but it’s often a dead end. By taking a strategic and personalized approach, you’ll set yourself apart from the crowd and land the job you deserve.

Happy Hunting!

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