Many job hunters are so consumed with getting re-employed as quickly as possible, they often don’t take the time to evaluate if they are on the right path.

Since the dawn of the digital age, job markets have been opening and closing like windows, which makes choosing the right career something like jumping onto a moving train.

Your decision must be based on three things.

  • What job will make you the happiest?
  • What job are you the most qualified for?
  • And what job is the most realistic given the current economy?

After all, why hunt for a job that has repeatedly made you miserable? Why seek a position in a job market that is fading due to shifting aspects of the economy or culture?

Conversely, people in your network will have trouble helping you if you are open to any opportunity, because they won’t know how to best guide you. So, don’t be open to just anything.

Not only will you appear unfocused to the very people you are trying to persuade to hire you, your job hunting tools will be too general to stand out in a search.

Choosing the right path will also allow you to build your resume and entire job campaign around this calculated decision.  And don’t confuse choosing a job target with choosing an industry.  Yes, healthcare is a good field but what job do you want to do within the healthcare field?

Determine which job target makes the most sense for you, setup your tools to prove you can do the job…and then go job hunting. Making sure you are on the right path will also make you feel so much more confident when you do sit down with employers.

Happy Hunting.