Today the Executive Alliance Thought Leadership Team focuses on attracting top talent with better job postings. By following the tips below, you can write a job posting that will help you attract the best (and most) candidates for your open positions.

Be Clear and Concise – Job seekers are busy so get to the point quickly and clearly, explaining what the job entails, the qualifications you’re looking for, and the benefits of working for your company.

Use Relevant Keywords – When job seekers search for jobs online, they use keywords to narrow their search. Make sure to include relevant keywords in your job title and description. You can find relevant keywords by looking at the descriptions of similar positions. We recommend benchmarking your post against other competitive jobs before you write and post–definitely a time saver and idea generator.

Highlight Company Culture – In addition to requirements, job hunters also want to know what it’s like to work for your company. Not enough companies do a good job with this. What is the company culture? What are the opportunities for growth and advancement?

What are the benefits of working for your company? Highlight these aspects of your company culture in your job posting. Consider using a “What We Offer” section which can also include standards like benefits. This can help get your candidates excited about joining your firm.

Proofread Your Posting – Be sure to proofread your job posting carefully for any errors in grammar or spelling.  A second pair of eyes is always helpful. A well-written job posting will make a good impression on potential candidates and increase your chances of attracting top talent. When I see mistakes in a job posting, I take the job less seriously.

Use Images and Videos – Adding images and videos to your job posting can help you attract more attention and make your posting more visually appealing. Images can help illustrate the job requirements, while videos can give potential candidates a sense of what it’s like to work for your company.

Use Social Media – In addition to posting your opening on job boards, be sure to share it on social media, especially LinkedIn, which caters to this audience. This will help you reach a wider audience of potential candidates. You can post a job right on the home page of your LinkedIn feed for free.

Post What is Cool About the Job – It’s not always enough to list responsibilities and requirements. If there are specific duties that can enhance a candidate’s career accomplishments, let candidates know. Perhaps they will have the opportunity to roll out new software, work directly with clients, travel, open new sales territories, experiment with new technologies, etc. Include these in your job descriptions.

Use Accepted Titles and Terminology  – This will allow your posts to show up in more keyword searches. An example for our executive search business is to use the title of Recruiter – not People Procurement Officer. Avoid company terminology that many job hunters wouldn’t understand.

Happy Hunting!

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