Collaboration is one of Google’s top ten qualities sought by employers. It is essential for success in today’s workplace because teams are often made up of people with a variety of skills and perspectives.

You have probably noticed during job interviews that companies ask questions designed to reveal your level of collaboration. Those pesky assessment tests are looking for the same thing. This is because there are so many benefits to being collaborative.

Collaboration can help:

• Improve communication and problem-solving skills
• Generate more creative and innovative ideas from multiple perspectives
• Break down silos and promote teamwork
• Increase employee satisfaction and engagement

If you want to be more collaborative in the workplace, here are a few tips:

1. Be open-minded and willing to share ideas. When you’re collaborating with others, it’s important to be open to new ideas and perspectives. Don’t be afraid to share your own ideas, even if they’re different from others.

2. Be respectful of others’ opinions. Even if you don’t agree with someone’s opinion, it’s important to be respectful. Remember everyone has something valuable to contribute and you must look at collaboration as a necessary part of moving forward.

3. Be willing to compromise. Sometimes, you won’t get everything you want in a collaborative effort. Be willing to compromise to reach a solution everyone can agree on.

4. Be willing to give and receive feedback. Feedback is essential for growth and improvement. Be willing to give and receive feedback in a constructive and positive way.

5. Be encouraging. A positive attitude and a smile can go a long way in a collaborative environment. Be supportive of your team members and never dismiss suggestions from your fellow collaborators.

6. Use collaboration tools. These tools can help you share files, communicate with each other, and track progress. Teams that collaborate also communicate. Integrating simple collaborative tools like Slack or Teams is just the beginning. Take a look at much more comprehensive tools like Asana and Todoist to enhance the level of collaboration. Using these tools, teammates can see the work in progress, who’s responsible for it, and how it affects the entire project.

Collaboration Tips and Advantages:

• Set clear goals and expectations- Make sure everyone on the team knows what they are working toward and what is expected of them.

• Celebrate successes- When the team achieves a goal, take the time to celebrate success. This will help motivate your teams and keep them working together. A couple of years ago we had a major website project that required help from a half dozen people. When it was over, we were all given shirts with our company logo and while this is not an expensive investment, I wear my celebratory shirt with pride whenever I can.

• Improve job satisfaction- When teams collaborate, employees can see how their role affects others, as well as the importance of their work to the organization. This helps increase confidence, which can contribute to the overall morale of the team.

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