The interview is your opportunity to communicate your ability and skills to the employer. The interview is a chance for both parties to get to know one another and determine if there is a fit. Interviewing is a skill, anyone can learn to interview effectively. Most people find interviewing to be terrifying process. The key to a successful interview is being prepared and listening very carefully.

Before the interview make sure your hair is neat, get a haircut if possible. Dress should be conservative business attire. Clothes should be neat clean and pressed. Do avoid excessive cologne, perfume, makeup and jewelry. Visit the company website and learn pertinent facts about the company such as annual sales, principal lines of business. Know yourself and resume and be able to provide examples of your selling points, skills, values and strengths.

During the interview, sit up straight in the chair or lean forward slightly and do not slouch! Display yourself as a self confident and assertive individual without being confrontational, arrogant or aggressive. Answer job interview questions directly. Admit your weaknesses if they are brought up, but do not bring them up yourself. Instead focus on your strengths. Demonstrate energy, confidence, determination and passion for your work.

Prove that you are genuinely interested in the company by showing that you have researched the organization. You should ask questions relative to the business you are seeking a job in.

Answer the tough interview questions honestly and completely. Do not talk negatively and if you should not understand a question, please ask the Interviewer to explain it. It is best to state “I do not know”, then to offer a poor response. You need to sell yourself, at this one moment in time be the perfect Salesman. Sell yourself as if your life depended on it, do not sell yourself short! You know what you are and what makes you talented and skilled at the position you are seeking, be confident, yet not over bearing.

During the interview ask pertinent questions relative to the topic you are currently discussing. Asking well thought out questions shows the Interviewer that you have some knowledge of the position and seem interested to learn more. Focus on the bigger picture of what the company does and how they contribute to our society. How can you make a difference working for this company? Where do you see yourself in this company?

Once the interview has concluded if you are sincerely interested in the position let the Interviewer understand this, offer a handshake while thanking them for the opportunity to interview with him or her. Ensure to follow up with a short, but honest thank you note expressing thanks for taking the time to perform the interview and to look forward to the next steps. Allow about a week or so to go by and if you have not heard from the employer follow up with a phone call just to see where you are in their process once again thanking them for their time.

Hopefully when the employer makes his decision they would have chosen you as you would have been the best candidate available and you did an outstanding job on the interview. You were well prepared, ready and the right person for the position!