Just as you screen candidates to determine if they are the right fit for your company, candidates are screening you to see if your company is the right fit for them. Here is what candidates are really looking for.

 – Compensation: With more cities and states requiring salary disclosure in job postings, and so many online salary info sites, it’s easier than ever for candidates to determine fair compensation.

If your salaries are not where they need to be, but you don’t have the ability to go higher, consider other ways to address compensation. For example, you might offer a 3 or 6-month review and with an increase if certain criteria are met.

You may consider a more senior title with a larger scope of responsibility, a larger staff, or perhaps a customized career path in tune with the candidate’s career goals. Also, don’t overlook smaller perks such as parking, training/education, technology, and even free food as potential selling points.

 – Benefits: Healthcare benefits are key but there are many other ways to add to your menu of benefits. Most common now is the flexibility to work remote or hybrid.

You can also look at flexible schedules that can address childcare needs. Company sponsored events and charitable contributions add to a positive company culture.

Also, the federal government has made it easier and less expensive to set up a 401k plan.

Career S-T-R-E-T-C-H and Growth: Especially important to professional and mid to senior level candidates, people will be more excited about a potential employer if they know they will learn more and grow into positions of added responsibility.

Work/life balance: This issue is more important than ever because of the staff shortages in both childcare and eldercare. And in positions that historically require long workdays, anything you can do to help add balance may bring you candidates you otherwise wouldn’t attract.

Technology: People want to work for companies with state-of-the-art technology. Even if your current tech is only fair, but you have plans for upgrades, make sure to use that as a selling point.

Culture and Work Environment:  Nobody wants to work for Attila the Hun. It’s getting easier every day to see online reviews. Candidates want to know you offer a collaborative, non-toxic environment. If your online reviews leave something to be desired, address the root causes of the problems and initiate a campaign to promote positive reviews.

Just as you are interviewing to fill a role, candidates are interviewing your company to ensure it’s a good fit for them, as well.