Architectural Drafter

Architectural Drafter


Bohemia, New York

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Architecture, Energy, Engineering & Construction

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In this role, you will collaborate directly with our project managers and production supervisors to turn conceptual designs into functional shop drawings. Ability to complete cost and preliminary estimates for various customer request. Work with Autodesk programs - AutoCAD, Revit, etc.


Job Description:

Salary : $70000 - $80000

  • Review and analysis tender material to estimate constructability and the relevance for applying the Company’s products and services.
  • Develop design and technical solutions (e.g. drafting) of preliminary construction drawings.  
  • Complete cost and preliminary estimates for various customer requests using the Company’s quotation tool.  
  • Participate in preparing quotes for tenders with varying amounts of information/details.
  • Prepare and submit correspondence, inquiries and requests for: information and quotations, technical submittals, cost proposals, estimates and arrange all project documents and drawings.  
  • If needed, conduct inspection of activities on-site and at the sub-suppliers facilities – especially for mock-ups.  
  • Ensure all the activities and works are in accordance with the: approved construction drawings, plans and details, and Technical Specifications and contracts.
  • Prepare schematic design drawings and final shop drawings for submittals. Design solutions should aim to solve technical issues, yet also optimize cost and design.  
  • Monitor and analyse the actual progress of the project on daily basis.  
  • Control smaller and medium sized projects from inception to implementation.  
  • Managing the file project system and log documents in the system.  
  • Communicate with clients and contractors throughout the project, and participate in meetings when required.

Job Requirements:

Knowledgeable about Architecture, Design, Construction & Building Components  

  • Able to produce design and technical detailed drawings
  • Able to produce calculations
  • Able to estimate a price based on a low information level
  • Able to produce a technical submittal
  • Knowledge and understanding of the construction process from sales to execution
  • Experience in preparing a brief and design documentation
  • Knowledge of design, technical specifications and their implementation
  • Good communication skills
  • Strong project management and time management skills
  • Ability to work under pressure, while remaining focused on details
  • Working with Autodesk programs - AutoCAD, Revit etc.
  • 3D/4D or other virtual software skills would be an advantage  






Salary Range - $70,000.00 - $80,000.00

Contact Details:

Vince DeMonte

Director of Recruiting

Executive Alliance

direct dial - 631.498.8329