Job hunting is an inexact science fraught with disappointment and emotional exhaustion. It is so easy to be disappointed by the lack of feedback from companies interviewing you, or the lack of jobs that fit your background. But don’t be frustrated. Experienced job hunters know the best way to handle the stress and disappointment of a job campaign is to anticipate and expect it.

The simple fact is there are times you will be ignored, and no one responds to your inquiries. This can frustrate any sane person, but the point is, this is nothing to be upset about. Not hearing from a company or getting rejected, unfortunately, is part of this inexact science and should be considered Standard Operating Procedure.

While most companies are professional and responsive, some simply don’t have the culture, staff or resources to respond.
Don’t let a lack of a response chip away at your confidence. How you feel during the job-hunting process should have nothing to do with the responsiveness of companies where you’ve reached out or applied.

Expect slow movement and occasional ghosting and remember that most of the jobs you are trying to win, unfortunately, won’t work out.

Lower your expectations–you just need patience, experience, thick skin, and an understanding of the realities of one of the world’s most vexing and inexact sciences. If a company is not responding, never take it personally. Just move on to the next!

More to come next week…