The job hunt! A noble quest, yes, but also one fraught with the potential to send your optimism plummeting into a black hole at an ever-accelerating pace. Rejection emails, unanswered applications, and the seemingly bottomless pit of online postings – it’s enough to make even the sunniest disposition wilt.

We all know rejection stings. But it’s a universal experience, and the job search is a breeding ground for it. You tailor your resume, practice your interview skills, and hit submit with a hopeful heart, only to be met with radio silence or a curt “thanks, but no thanks” email. Discouragement sets in, threatening to derail your entire job search.

But fear not, fellow job seeker! There’s a way to navigate the murky waters of the search with your chin held high and a smile on your face. Here are some tips to cultivate and maintain a positive attitude throughout the process:

Reframe Your Thinking:

  • Rejection Isn’t Failure: It simply means you weren’t the best fit for a particular role. Be careful how you frame this. Not getting the job could mean you were an excellent candidate but there was perhaps one candidate just a tad better or that lives closer to the job. It absolutely, positively does not mean you failed at anything.
  • Every rejection should be considered a learning experience and a chance to refine your resume and interviewing skills.
  • The question is not will you get a job. It’s how long it will take to get a job. That fact is everyone gets a job! You never hear of a candidate that searched for a job for 22 years and never found one. Re-frame the way you look at this.
  • Focus on the Wins: Landing an interview? High five yourself! Celebrate every small victory, no matter how seemingly insignificant. It shows progress and keeps you motivated.

Shift Your Focus from Rejection to Acceptance:

  • Help Others: Volunteer your time or expertise to a cause you care about. Helping others is a great way to boost your mood and gain valuable skills that can translate well to your job search. It also makes you part of a successful, valuable enterprise that accepts you.
  • Learn Something New: Take that online course you always struggled to find the time for.
  • Attend a Workshop or pick up a new hobby. Continually developing yourself makes you a better candidate and demonstrates initiative to potential employers.

Maintain a Positive Routine:

  • Healthy Habits: Exercise regularly, eat nutritious meals, and get enough sleep. Taking care of yourself physically and mentally helps you stay focused and optimistic.


  • You Are Not Alone: Everyone experiences frustration during a job campaign. Reach out to your network for support and encouragement. Talk to friends, family, or a career counselor who can help you stay positive.
  • It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint: The job search takes time and effort. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t land your dream job overnight. Keep at it. Your perseverance will pay off.

So, chin up, fellow job seeker!

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