Anybody remember the Academy Award winning movie Kramer vs. Kramer with Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep? It won 5 Oscars including Best Picture and if you haven’t seen it, you should stream it when you can. Hoffman’s character must have a job to fight for custody of his child, so he goes on a job interview on Christmas Eve. The hiring managers of the firm interrupt their holiday party to interview him and to his joy, he gets the job.

Ok, so it’s a movie and such things are less likely in real life. But I always find that scene heart-warming because there is a festive attitude associated with holidays that is real.

Also, companies may slow hiring down during the holidays, but they don’t stop hiring. In fact, some organizations are staring down a “use it or lose it” budget standoff and must complete the hiring process on certain jobs by the end of the year.

Other companies may need a new employee in place and ready to begin work in January and, they too, are hiring with enthusiasm.

Take Advantage of Less Competition

Since many people believe the end of the year is a less than stellar time to job hunt, there could be less competition. When companies have fewer resumes, it’s certainly possible your resume could stand out more than usual. For this reason alone, it makes perfect sense to maintain your job search during the holidays.

Spirited Networking

The end of the year is also a great time to network. Once again, the holidays put people in a better mood. Perhaps the same person you meet at an event or on LinkedIn that would not have been receptive to an introduction is suddenly more receptive.

You never know when you might meet someone who can introduce you to a hiring manager and we believe the holidays open this aperture. Let’s face it, unless you are a Grinch, it’s harder to refuse someone during the holiday season no matter what the ask.

The holidays also offer a great excuse for an additional touch point. Combining a holiday greeting with a reminder you are in job hunting mode could generate enhanced responses.

Use Extra Days Off to Improve Your Digital Footprint

We are all so busy! However, the average person has at least a few extra days off from Thanksgiving through New Year’s. We believe this extra time is the perfect time to sharpen your online footprint.

Working on your digital footprint often gets pushed to the side because of hectic schedules and demands on your time. If you incorporate the right tweaks before the holidays, at the very least, your profile will be at its sharpest when the new year begins.

Take a fresh look at your LinkedIn profile and the overall content on all your platforms to make sure you appear as compelling as possible.
Think about the accomplishments of the last year. Is there new content you can add or replace on your LinkedIn profile or resume? Are you ready for a new photo that shows the updated you?

Happy Hunting and Happy Thanksgiving to All Our Readers!

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