I am always surprised when I visit a company’s website and don’t see a single page devoted to recruitment. Some companies are so busy selling their products, they forget a company website is a powerful, branded, free method for attracting candidates.

More companies are realizing they are missing out on a free recruiting method and now devote at least one page to open positions, however, much more can be done to attract candidates.

Employer Value Proposition (EVP) – In addition to job listings, your career pages should be branded with your Employer Value Proposition (EVP), a summary of what employees can expect when they join your company.

An EVP Example – You have probably heard of a company called Shopify. They believe in building a diverse and inclusive culture where team members can make a real impact. For example, here is their EVP- “Shopify offers its employees strong values and purpose, empathetic leadership, and a place where all people feel they belong.” Very welcoming, right?

Your company’s EVP should be at the top of every career page.

Here is a link to the article we wrote about Employer Value Propositions a couple of weeks back.

Career Page Visibility – Even if you have job listings on your website, make sure the jobs pages are easy to find. Include a very visible link on your home page to the Careers page.  A single click from the home page is ideal.

Make Applying for a Job Easy – Every job board has an attrition rate with candidates that start the application but drop out and don’t complete the process.

You want applicants to get across the application finish line with minimal frustration and negligible distraction. If you include too many filters/requirements or too many steps, you will lose candidates that could be a good fit, not only for the advertised job but, potentially, for other positions in your company.

Awards and Achievements – The career pages of your website should proudly and consistently showcase both company and individual employee awards and should be packed with positive testimonials.

It’s easier than ever to add videos of employees giving testimonials on why your company is a great place to work. If you have been thinking about where to add video to your website, clips of your own employees talking about the benefits of working for the company on career pages are a terrific way to start.

Make Sure Your Career Pages Have an Email Address– Include the e-mail address of your HR/Recruiting department so people can ask questions or send a resume to keep on file.

This is more important than many companies realize. If your career pages are set up exclusively for candidates to apply only for open positions, you will not attract casual resume posters interested in the company that may be valuable in the future.

Now that you have added more content and capability to the career pages on your website, link to and post them on your company’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platforms and encourage people to share and email your career pages and job postings to their colleagues.


Many thanks to the President of our company, Gary Zelamsky, for providing this employer-centric article in collaboration with the Executive Alliance Thought Leadership Team.