Despite all the attention paid to job boards like CareerBuilder, indeed, and ZipRecruiter, applying to a job ad posted is still a statistically ineffective way to job hunt.

Networking is still by far the most powerful method. According to HubSpot, 85% of jobs are filled through networking and according to CNBC, 70% of jobs are never even published publicly.

Networking can be difficult and stressful but with platforms like LinkedIn, networking is now, dare I say, convenient. Want proof of the power of networking? Here’s what we suggest:

Conduct your own survey. Identify ten businesspeople – friends, relatives and acquaintances are fine – and ask them how they found their last job. Don’t be surprised if seven or eight of them tell you they found their last job through someone they know.

So, if networking is still the most powerful method, why do so many of us answer classified posts? It’s a good question.

Think of job boards as a useful source of leads, but don’t just apply, attach your resume and move onto the next. Reach out to people on LinkedIn or in your network that either work or have worked at the company you are trying to join. Connect with them. Get to know them. Acquire inside information. Make your case.

Perhaps the person you have connected with will walk your resume into the hiring manager. Responding to an online ad and then reaching out to current and former employees of the company you have targeted, will bring you the success you seek.


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