It may seem obvious that communication is one of the most important elements of building a long-term relationship with your recruiting firm, but keeping these suggestions in mind, can help you attain the best results without too many false starts.

1. Discussing the details – If the position is replacing a previous employee, share the details with your recruiter on what you learned from the last employee. Now is your chance to regroup; share where they excelled, where they may have fell short. This way your recruiter can help find a candidate that fills in the blanks and meet all of your criteria. If it’s a brand-new position and you know the position will evolve, it’s okay to say so. This means the candidate needs to be agile and able to pivot as needed.

2. Be decisive – Once a candidate is presented and an interview is completed, share your feedback immediately with the recruiter. Top tier candidates are in demand and if you think they are the right fit, let the recruiter know as quickly as possible to keep the pace of the process moving. You don’t want to lose a candidate because another company moved faster. We never want you to settle but don’t want you to lose your first choice either.

3. Have Flexibility – Not every candidate will check every single box on your list of a perfect candidate. Selecting someone who might be missing specific experience or a skill, but has the right mix of drive, enthusiasm, work ethic and fit for your company culture, can often make up for a lack of experience in a specific niche of an industry or doesn’t know your specific software application. These things can be learned but attitude, passion, aptitude and desire to learn cannot be taught.

4. Trust your Recruiter – Your recruiter has the largest network of experienced candidates, is an expert in their niche and is only successful if they’ve made you happy for the long term. It is not in their best interest to just fit a slot. They want you to be satisfied with your new hire and return to them for future hires.

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