Gary Zelamsky

Executive Level Management, Legal & Business Development

Gary joined Executive Alliance in 2002 as a Chief Operating Officer and part-owner of the business and became President a short time later. Gary is responsible for transforming Executive Alliance from a small recruitment firm to a nationally recognized mid-size firm and his leadership and managerial skills are the backbone of the company.

In addition to leading the company, Gary is also a successful recruiter. He specializes in Executive level management, business development and legal placements. He works with companies of all sizes, often with other Executive Alliance team members, and has a well-earned reputation for quickly presenting experienced candidates with the right skill sets.

Prior to Executive Alliance, Gary held Vice President and Senior Vice President positions in large cable TV markets on Long Island and in Seattle, San Francisco and Philadelphia. Earlier in his career, Gary practiced as a CPA on Wall Street and earned his MBA in Finance from NYU. When he is not working, you will find Gary at the gym or at the beach.

Gary can be reached at 631 493 0574 ext. 101. His email is