Susan Burden

Collections & BPO

Susan Burden joined Executive Alliance in 2003 and leads the company in seniority and production. A perennial number one biller, Susan has recently been promoted to Senior Vice President. She takes it upon herself to help her colleagues be their personal best.

Prior to joining Executive Alliance, Susan worked in Human Resources, managing multiple generalist functions including recruiting & benefits administration. At Executive Alliance, Susan was given the tools and leadership needed to build her desk in the collections area. Thanks largely to her efforts, the collections industry is the firm’s number one division. Susan enjoys representing her candidates and clients who are immersed in the ARM industry and has a national reputation for excellence.

Susan’s approach to staffing is to organically build her network and fearlessly take the initiative to grow. Susan has a passion for building relationships that last through every step of the process and continue beyond her staffing relationships. When Susan is not working, you can find her spending time with her family. She enjoys baking and cooking and the happiness they bring.

Susan can be reached at 631 493 0574 ext. 103. Her email is