Supply chain issues continue to prevent companies from reaching pre-pandemic sales numbers. The S&P 500 is down 23% so far this year on lower earnings. The real estate bubble has sprung a leak while mortgage rates have risen considerably. All the alarms for an economic recession have been activated. So, how should job hunters react?

If things get any more skittish than they are right now, we advise all job hunters to move precipitously. We have not heard of hiring freezes and offers being rescinded in over two years but suddenly, they are here.

After 18 months of ferocious hiring, the job market, while still warm (300,000 jobs created in June), is certainly beginning to cool. So, is now the right time to change jobs?

At the very least, every single one of us has to go case by case. Stay tuned to our weekly Executive Alliance Thought Leadership Tips.

We’re keeping an eye on it for you.