What time is it? Did you just glance at your watch? How often do you look at your watch, a clock or these days, your cell phone? Americans are so obsessed with time. We are always in a rush, running to the office, to lunch, to a meeting. We even rush to a party, to a dinner date or a movie, which are supposed to be relaxing! Then one day we turn around and have absolutely no idea where all the time went!

Stuck between work and home is sometimes the only break we have. It’s also a time when we have an opportunity to plan, sort out what needs to be accomplished at home and organize what needs to be accomplished at work. I reflected the other day while stuck in typical NY traffic, how the two are very similar. Without contemplating and planning, nothing would ever be accomplished at home or at work.

How many times do you ask yourself if you are happy with your career and the company you work for? Are you challenged? Earning what you deserve? Do you dread going to work or do you look forward to a new and rewarding day? Is this your dream career?

It’s good to know where you want to be, but do you know how to get there? This leads us to the bigger question, “Do I have a plan?” When is it time to think about changing positions, stepping up to management, or becoming Vice President or CEO? Life is too short to spend most of our time stuck in an unhappy or unfulfilling job or situation.

Now that you’ve managed to slow down and ask yourself these important questions – what can you do about it? There is no harm in researching your options. You may want to attend a job fair or two. Pick up a local paper or New York Times and see what the latest available jobs are. Posting your resume on a job board is a good way for companies to see your credentials and know that you are out there and open to a change. Make sure you send an updated resume with current contact numbers and an email address. If you are worried about confidentiality, simply post it as “confidential”. If you can find the time, read through the job postings and reply to listings with a cover letter when possible. Sometimes this can be quite time consuming and a full time job itself.

Talk to people and network. If these people are in your industry, they may be aware of something that you are not. But, be careful to put out confidential feelers and to speak to trustworthy informatives. Another form of searching for a brighter future that is always available to you is contacting a recruiter. Their job is to learn your qualifications and to understand where you want to be in your career. They will let you know your options and what positions are available. If the right job isn’t available immediately, they will contact you in the future. A good recruiter will go the extra mile and find the company that is right for you. Your resume is submitted confidentially without worry and you have a confidant holding your hand, scheduling and preparing you for interviews. It’s a though you have a new best friend with only your best interest in mind.

I am lucky to go home at the end of the day knowing I enhanced people’s lives. I enjoy my colleagues and every day is different and interesting. I am quite content with my position and what I foresee in the future. Are you?

Maybe we could all use a little more traffic in our lives. Slow down – assess your situation, your career, and your life! There just may be something better around the corner…