It’s simple math. Instead of staring at a computer screen all day, you should consider volunteering.  

The more people you meet, the greater the likelihood you will cross paths with someone that has a friend or acquaintance with a paid job opening. Volunteering is a form of job hunting and a fabulous way to increase the size of your network. But there are so many more reasons to volunteer.  

Volunteering gives unemployed people, who can often be isolated, a purpose. It encourages self-importance, provides motivation to succeed and elevates your state of mind.  

Depending on what volunteer role you choose, volunteering can also give you a sense of pride and accomplishment. Practically speaking, a volunteer position can appear on your resume and fill a widening employment gap.  

It also helps you keep your skills sharp and fills in gaps on your resume. Volunteering teaches you new systems and technology. And for those with a big heart, facilitates you doing something positive for the community – all great reasons to volunteer. 

Volunteering may also lead to paid employment with the organization. Seeing your level of commitment and willingness to try new things, will make you a standout candidate when the organization is looking to hire someone to fill a paid spot.  

Wouldn’t you look at your volunteer talent pool for a standout candidate? Let’s say you get to work early every day, stay until you are the last one out, raise your hand for new projects and, in general, outperform all of your fellow volunteers. It only makes sense for the organization to consider you for a paid position when the time is right.   

So, the question becomes how do you find volunteer employment? It’s easy.  

Many volunteer positions are affiliated with non-profit organizations determined to do good things for communities, but often without enough resources to undertake a large project.  

Here are the top ten websites offering volunteer employment: 

  1. VolunteerMatch
  2. Engage
  3. JustServe
  4. United Way
  5. Do Something
  6. Habitat for Humanity
  7. GivePulse
  8. AARP Create the Good
  9. Feeding America
  10. American Red Cross


Here are some of the most common reasons people resist volunteering.   

  1. The job is beneath me.  If you think this, please re-read what was written above.
  2. I don’t have the time. Everyone has some time to volunteer, let’s be honest. You just need to make the time to volunteer available. 
  3. I cannot afford to volunteer.  The better question is can you afford not to volunteer?